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Artist: Pineal

Title: Cauda Pavonis

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: December, 2012


1. Squaring the Circle

2. Cauda Pavonis

3. Pantalika

4. Stregatto

5. Nostoc

6. Zeta Landscape

7. Prime Numbers

8. Gravity Waves

9. Yonisphere

10. Induction

11. Moonbase Alpha



This reminds me a lot of the Kaaya Project sound with its tablas and worldly vibe. You'll hear dubby basses melded with guitar painting a dreamy naturescape. Pineal is Domenico Canzoniero from *spoiler alert* Italy and his debut is a combination of real world instruments as well as some dissonant sounds which give the tracks an irregular feel. Certainly is interesting. Sometimes it plods slowly along (Stregatto) or it gets a little busy (Zeta Landscape). The whole thing is a little odd and can be difficult to fully embrace. There isn't an absence of melodies as much as there is a collection of sounds. Soundwise it's great and crystal clear thanks to your boy Aes Dana who did the mastering.


Not for me, but if you're in the mood for something different give it a go!



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