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Artist: Human Error

Title: The DNA is DOA

Label: CRL Studios

Date: April, 2012


1. Population 0

2. The DNA is DOA

3. Overrun

4. Inevitable

5. Hopeless Utopia (c0ma Remix)

6. Satcom 410-NE (Tokee Remix)

7. Hopeless Utopia (Dyskhord Remix)

8. Satcom 410-NE (Lucidstatic Remix)

9. Finite (Pandora's Black Book Remix)






"Once you actually start to look around...you start to wonder if you'd be doing society a favor by getting rid of all these people."



Ok the Donald Trump hordes are getting out of control. Please know that this is a very vocal minority of people that follow this douche pickle.


Imagine a not so distant future where the basic normalcy of life has been disrupted. Where democracy has ceased to exist and man has reverted to his more tribal instincts. Technology has evolved, but not all are privy to it and everywhere are faded and crumbling monoliths to our past greatness. Not prospering. Just surviving. Pretty much every post apocalyptic movie ever made.


May I introduce you to its very bleak soundtrack. Human Error is Tom Box from the UK and he has created quite the atmosphere full of futuristic melancholy. He explores all areas of downtempo with breakbeats, dark ambient, and industrial glitch. It flows from still quiet to aggressive menace all while carrying its sense of dread like a scar. Worth a listen surely and it's one of those name your price digital albums. But I'll warn you the latter part leans heavily towards the industrial side of things.


Human Error Bandcamp

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