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Remix Contest : Red Eye Syndrome - Advanced Civilization (Prices from SKnote!)

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Red Eye Syndrome – Advanced Civilization - The Remix Contest

Read this on our site here

Remix the upcoming single “Advanced Civilization” by “Red Eye Syndrome” and score great prices, even just by submitting a track for the competition.

All serious contributers for the competition gets a plugin free of choice made by SKnote. SKnote is a top notch music hardware and software manufacturer, which produce high end and critics acclaimed devices for music professionals, and now you can join the pro club yourself by remixing “Advanced Civilization”. SKnote recently got a perfect score 10/10 for the SoundBrigade plugin at CM magazine, and this is just one of the many excellent plugins SKnote can stand their name by.

For the second place in the contest there’s two SKNote plugins free of choice.

And for the first place there’s three SKnote plugins free of choice!

The track will be released 18th of February 2016, and all cool remixes will be on it, this means that if the tracks are good enough, they get on it, even if it only got a seventh place, for example.


Stick to the melodies as much as creatively possible.
Use the vocal sample at least once.
All genres are excepted!
Multiple remixes will not grant you more plugins.
Deadline: 7th January 2016


BPM: 140

Key: Dm

Genre: Psy Trance / Goa




www.euroforix.com/downloads/Red Eye Syndrome – Advanced Civilization – Remix pack.zip


Send an e-mail containing a little description about yourself and your project, with links for more of your music. Include your remix as a download link in high quality mp3 or similar, don’t zip/rar the file, as it will be junked.

This e-mail should be send to remix@euroforix.com.

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