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BreKeke - Bio Noise




Luk-Si Records presents their fifth release, Bio Noise, the first album from talented Czech producer BreKeke.

His music is a result of all his acquired knowledge and experiences reflected through the mirror of the subconscious mind to bring you on a great trip through the infinite universe.

Start your engines, travel on waves of Goa trance, look into the heart of rebirth, and fly to the center of the galaxy with this album!


Label: Luk-Si Records

Catalog number: LUKLP001

Release: 30.April 2015

Available format: MP3/WAV/FLAC

Mastered by: Psypileptic

Cover by: Newteck



Free download on EKTOPLAZM!


01 - In (143.45 BPM)
02 - Raised Pinky (143.45 BPM)
03 - Eventuel (143.45 BPM)
04 - OsmiUm (143.45 BPM)
05 - After185 (143.45 BPM)
06 - Thing Pink (143.45 BPM)
07 - White Flag (143.45 BPM)
08 - PI (143.45 BPM)


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