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Ocean Star Empire - Militant's Dreamscape Remixes - OUT!

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Grab it here via Bandcamp:




1. Ocean Star Empire - 3 Dots On A Map (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) 08:47

2. Ocean Star Empire - Suspect Nuno (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) 08:23

3. Ocean Star Empire - A Nebula Portside (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) 09:09

4. Ocean Star Empire - How Small We Are (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) 08:43


Militant is the solo project of Andre Muller. The Cape Town resident also forms an essential part of the management team of well-known international twilight label, Kaos Krew Records, a label that has over the last few years become a notoriously prolific force in full on psychedelic trance, releasing music from almost every corner of the globe. Since winning one of UP!Noize Records Remix Contests in April 2014, Militant has become quite the prolific producer himself, constantly striving for perfection and supreme quality Since then he has released tracks on 3 VA compilations, 2 solo artist EPs on Free Minds Records & UP!Noize Records respectively, a VS EP with Mexicos finest up & coming talent as well as his debut collaboration EP with Mr. Night Wolf under the SECRET COSMOS guise on Kaos Krew Records


It was at this time that Militant came across the intriguing story and sounds of the Ocean Star Empire A legend of an ancient space-faring civilization from a planet made up mostly of water. They had technology that allowed them to only travel at sub light speeds, which made their expansion from their primary home world a slow one over the absolute vastness of space As a colony would mature, a new group would continue exploration to find the next habitable world. Over time as some colonies failed and others survived, many surviving colonies on the edge of expansion became completely isolated over time, with their origins, social and historic connections becoming more legend than fact


On one of these colonies, about 200 light years from the original star, a tale of attrition & survival was unfolding. As many generations passed, hardships and the daily struggle for survival took precedence over everything else, and unstable volcanic and seismic activity led to the stark realization that the planet wasnt as suitable for long term colonization as originally thought Rifts grew between the colonists, and eventually a group decided to form a space convoy, but not in order to expand, but in order to find the original star and ultimately, their lost civilization, the Ocean Star Empire. There were sacred and ancient writings that spoke of 3 Dots On A Map, a reference to the location of this lost civilization, located at the peak of a triangle of stars, with the center coordinates marking the location of the Ocean Star, that galaxys source of intergalactic energy...


During this time, they were reminded once again how big, desolate, isolated and melancholic space can be, and communication with other colonies, possible beacons was very difficult With their sub light technology, their journey through space was once again a very slow process, and they realized how small they were in the bigger scheme of the cosmos



Living in space had become a psychological struggle, with depression, paranoia, anxiety, and passivity becoming the biggest problems on deep space voyages, and the sudden disappearance of an officer by the name of Nuno while exploring a small abandoned outpost on their journey, confounded panic, with some believing he had been abducted by unknown aliens. This leads to a frantic and fruitless search for Nuno There is already discontent in the convoy and further events lead to the rebellion in Module Seven. It was sometime after when Nuno suddenly returns as if he was never gone, even denying that he had not been away for some time, making him a suspected conspirator against the convoys leadership


A distracting and welcome spiritual lift comes when the convoy passes near a breathtaking nebula on their portside, and as they drift by, the residents could not help but being mesmerized by its timeless beauty and filled with a new resolve to complete their quest, knowing that far beyond the farthest light is the domain of the galactic empire, hailing from the deep valleys of the Ocean Star, flowing down the river of time through the rise and fall of intergalactic civilizations...


Communication is a path to a vision, vision ionized into action, and action is transposed into music, traveling the sonic wormholes through the golden times to the space age, with a deep respect to the hypnotic Goa giants of history and an eye towards the timeless future. Ocean Star Empire in association with Militant is proud to present this collection of Dreamscape Remixes, a definitive journey through the psychedelic and melodic explorations of powerful daytime production!!!


All Tracks W&P Ocean Star Empire (Nomad Moon - Nuno Muacho, Faxi Nadu - Yaron Eshkar, Bacchanalian Bass - Kyle Ramos & Oss - Oss Vaisband), and REMIXED by Andre Muller @ Militant Studios, SA. Mastering done By Roby Martinez Cantu @ Roby Studios, MEX

Album graphics by Andre Muller


Grab it here via Bandcamp:


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Great story for a great album! Really looking forward to hearing the remixes.

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