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The 1134 - Ghost Train


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The 1134

Ghost Train


What a beast of an EP!


Often it is said (and with many good reasons) that full-on is the bastard of psytrance - annoying, childish, uncouth in the ways of art. That is, unless, of course, we are talking about The 1134.


A collaboration between California producers Meta (of the also-great Boomslang project) and Etienne, "Ghost Train" follows on the heels of the also-exhilarating "Primordial Booze" EP. Here are four tracks, all dance floor bombs, of ridiculously well-controlled full-on power and precision.


"Synesthesiologists," Blitzen" and the mind-erasing psychedelic greatness of "Green Guy" are high-quality monsters, ready to slap a smile upon the face of the most experienced (possibly even the most jaded, as well,) and ready to flay around hapless limbs all over the dance floor.


The marquee track is "Ghost Train" itself. It is where art meets energy, where a fantastically crafted track bombards with delightful beats and sweaty pacing before unveiling some wickedly creative syncopation, in mimic of an oncoming ghost train.


And when this runaway train bowls you over it is not with any cheap or cliched build-ups or energy explosions but more with simply taking the fucking brakes off all the elements they have already introduced and layering some maniacally good synth work on top.


If you're on board, this is one ridiculously great ride!


Available for free play or download at: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/the-1134-ghost-train

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