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Globular - Colours Of The Brainbow


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Artist: Globular

Album: Colours Of The Brainbow

Label: Gliese 581C


Looking back on "Colours Of The Brainbow," after having seen much from Globular since this very impressive debut, it is interesting to trace the progression his music has taken. All over this EP, you can sense the blueprint of other great English dub artists like Ott and Younger Brother as the foundation for what Globular is doing. Yet, the very next album being the masterful full-length "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," the outstanding flavors of Globular's own vision, imagination and creativity are abundant right from the get-go.


"The Continuum Process" is patient, sweeping, epic, wonderfully intoxicating dub, very much in the Ott style. Now what makes that comparison complimentary rather than derisive is that both gents take their time unfurling their spells, as if to say why reveal all the secrets in the first two minutes if we can make this magic last for eight?


Nearly nothing within these four tracks get redundant or repetitive, this is relaxing dub music that reaches for higher levels of consciousness and achieves those goals with great success. That is not to say that this is the masterpiece that 2012's "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" is, as here Globular is still refining his style but where he ends up producing heavenly work there, he is about 90% of the way complete on "Colours Of The Brainbow."


Quite jammy, patiently groovy, mind-inducing, soul-feeding sounds that are put together immaculately but feel pieced together so effortlessly. As another excellent track on this one puts it, the mood and quality on this EP is very much friendly "And On The Carefree Shores Of Dub."


Not at all to be missed by fans of this style.


Available for free play or download at: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/globular-colours-of-the-brainbow

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