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HuuHaa - Biohacker's Guide To Life (Full Sound) FREE DOWNLOAD @ EKTOPLAZM

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HuuHaa returns with a fantastic new release ranging from ambient to psychedelic breaks to upbeat progressive grooves. Every song is lush with detail and rich in sound, just the thing to carry you away.


HuuHaa - Biohacker's Guide To Life


01 - Hacktivation (70 BPM)

02 - Stoneager (100 BPM)

03 - Digital Connection (125 BPM)

04 - C-Ristal (125 BPM)

05 - Check Point (125 BPM)

06 - Sansara (HuuHaa Remix) (100 BPM)






People of the earth: this is HuuHaa official and we have a message, The Biohackers Guide To Life. From big bang to black hole, from quark to galaxy, from stone age to digitime, from first fire to rocket science, from caveman to scientist to the digital connection we trust, our cultural and biological evolution are ready for the next big steps. Biohack: find the key and open the sources of the free knowledge base. All that has ever occurred during the evolution is written inside your DNA. Unlock the limitless bio data storage. Start with yourself and the rest of humankind will follow. Quarks, leptons, bosons, photons, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules, crystals, stones, distant stars, cosmos is all the was, there is, ever will be, you will see. Biohack yourself to upgrade your body, mind, soul and life. Dont believe the hype. Use your head, wisely. Question everything, even yourself, even your own thoughts, even your everyday life. There is no room for rumors. Its time, to get going again: e, te, ate, vate, ivate, tivate, ktivate, activate, its time to Hacktivate!



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