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Like the title says, do anyone here know tarcks that are similar to Transwave's Robostyx? I just love this track so much. I just love the 303 sounds (or at least really well done 303 emulated sounds), the energy, variety, everything about the track.


Here's a link:



My favorite part is especially after the 3-4 minute mark after the break, so much energy and how it builds up with the 303 being added afterwards and then after some time it becomes all accented. Just amazing and then how then the last portion is just a distorted acid sound which just feeds into the energy that was introduced earlier.

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This track is hard trance inclined, look out for hard trance from 1994-mid 1995 latest. Can't remember any examples right now (shame) but a lot of German hard trance from those years will certainly have the aesthetic of Robostyx.

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Hmm, not sure if I would call it hard trance though. From what I know of Hard trance, it is more like what Cosmic Gate released.




nice track. sounds like a real 303 or a xox, not an emulation


I just mentioned the possibility of an emulation since I know that there are many methods of getting a similar sound. It probably was an actual 303, since there were no x0xb0x at the times.

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