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Looking for tracks like Xerox & Freeman - Bees (live mix)


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I am looking for tracks like Xerox & Freeman - Bees (live mix). The track has a very interesting dark atmosphere and is almost as diverse as hallucinogen. It is very different to the rgular goa trance because it is not as melodic, but rougher and harder in sound. It is a very driving and hypnotic track with the interesting melody at the second half of the track. Does anyone know any similar tracks to that track or is that an excpetional track by Xerox and Freeman. I listened to other tracks by Xerox, but none sounded alike in my opinion.

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This track is in the same vein/style :)


I thought it was their best track



I don´t think that this tune is very similar to "Bees". This tune is more straight forword and not as interesting and mysterious as Bees. It would be great to hear a tune that is really similar to Bees because the sound of Bees has something dark and strange in it. It sounds mysterious, nostalgic and somehow melancholic. It aktually sounds a bit distorted, like you see the world through glasses that show you distorted colours. I think I heart other tracks by Xerox that are similar, but I don´t find that one too similar beccause it is more active and more straight forword. there aren´t many tracks out there with this sound in the genre of psychedelic trance I think.


this track is more similar, but not as good.


Except this track i checked 4 other tracks by Xerox and Freeman and I liked that all. their music is goa trance with psychedelic elements and big atmosphere. respectable.

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