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Artist: Various

Title: The Live Remixes

Label: The Hypnotic LFO Room

Date: September, 2014


1. Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix)

2. Kailash - Mystery Brain (Live Remix)

3. Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix)

4. Kayaa - Braindance (Live Remix)

5. Elysium - Master of the Rainforest (Live Remix)

6. Elysium - Aliens (Live Remix)





The great Dane is back! Seems like a lot of artists in our small corner have side projects where they can take their music in different and sometimes experimental directions. Kristian Thinning is no exception as he has made a lot of great music under different pseudonyms. Having fun with some of his old tracks he decided to take the show on the road and now offers it up to us the goa craving public. And my man is doing some work.


There is a pumping quality to the tracks, perfect for getting the crowd moving. When the melodies come in it's supremely hypnotic and you can't help becoming swept up in the euphoria. These were all great tracks to begin with, but I believe them to be even better with the changes he's made. They seem shinier, more alluring...maybe even more gritty. Master of the Rainforest (very well known) is more upbeat and dare I say it received a funk injection. Aliens (a track I never really cared for) became more trancey with more bounce. He's not one to stack melodies on top of one another, but more focused on seizing your imagination. Pure goa trance with that tribal swagger he's known for.


For 5 f*cking Euro there is no excuse not to own this.







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