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Cactus Arising - Star Storm LP (Timewarp)

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Cactus Arising:
Star Storm

Catalog: TIMEWARP028


1. Sand Inspiration
2. D.I.Y.
3. Night Fractals
4. Star Storm
5. Opposite Spinning
6. Between Our Galaxy
7. Transfer at the Speed of Light
8. Moon + Sun
9. Nova Fractal - Connect (Cactus Arising rmx)


Timewarp is very proud to present full length digital album from "Cactus Arising", Goa trance project from Greece.Members are Steve Tzokas & Mike Loizos, very talented producers with superb skill how fusion of goa and psy trance can be deadly storm on dance floor.They are new in Goa scene but they already made mark and they have full support from many TOP goa DJs and artists like Nova Fractal, Siam, Radical Distortion, Omnivox and many more. Their main old-school influences are Crop Circles, MFG, Miranda, Chi Ad, Transwave, Pleiadians, Dimension 5, Blue planet Corporation, Man with No Name, Astral Projection . If you prefer more night style of goa, but driving melodies then this is your release!






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