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TRANSITION FESTIVAL / 30.04. - 04.05.2015 / SPAIN - Andalusia - Almonte


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TRANSITION FESTIVAL (30.04. - 04.05.2015 South of SPAIN) has its origins in a family gathering

in the magical pine forest under a total full moon eclipse, in March 2007.

Nowadays known as "The best well kept secret of the underground psytrance scene" (Mushroom Magazine)

unifying the ritual of the party with an international gathering of trance music lovers all over the

world. Focusing on a specific type of sound experience, Transition is much more than you can guess.

With over 50000 W of sound and a womb in the center of the circle. The structure of the dancefloor is built by 9 gorgeous trees

making a natural cosmic circle, which empowers the dancing energy. Music sounds simply amazing,

with a natural reverb boosted by the height of the trees, covering the dancefloor from the cold nights,

and gives shadows in the daylight; naturally perfect.

Connect with Nature!

The Atantic Ocean is 25 kms far from Transition Festival, easily accessible by public transportation.

The National Park of Doñana is placed along the Coast of Light, between Seville, Huelva, and Cadiz

It covers around 543 km2 and its biodiversity is something unique in all Europe!

The "Marisma" is one of the most mysterious places of the National Park,

bearing many legends, even the one of the lost city of Atlantis.

You are invited to explore the incredible nature and combine it

with your Transition experience. One of the major news this year is the change to the second

full moon of the Spring, to ensure warmer temperatures and sunny weather. Perfect for your stay in spain!

The presale is online and the early bird ticket is at 40€ now! Plan your spring and the kick off the

summer season 2015 in sunny paradise , just for you to make your transition!



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