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Koxbox - Unexpected EP


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Artist: Various I guess?

Title: Unexpected EP

Label: 3D Vision

Date: May, 2014


1. My Name Is Joe

2. Fuel On (Transwave Live Mix)



Oh this was unexpected all right.



Ok. Let's look at the facts. Awesome label in 3D Vision and the master(s) of psychedelia in Koxbox. Everything should be great. Got my pads on for safety and the helmet is cinched extra tight. Yet somehow this was a total clusterf*ck.


Let's start with the Fuel On Remix. Transwave already tried this on the Frontfire album of 2009. Not content to leave well enough alone they Frontfired it again. Taken a classic track with zero flaws and full-on-ed it to the bone. It's too shiny and polished. I hate to bring up Astral and the album which shall not be named, but this lesson should've been learned a decade ago.


My Name is Joe is a lot of pounding without any substance. Thumping beat and a lot of harsh, angry sounds. It's not often that I bash 3D Vision, but this one earned that treatment fairly.





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