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Radioactive Sandwich - B-Sides Vol. 1


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Artist: Radioactive Sandwich

Title: B-Sides Vol. 1

Label: Self Released

Date: March, 2012


1. Facebreaker

2. Falling Down

3. Make It Clap

4. Jabberwockey

5. Flying Guillotine

6. Resolution

7. The Wall

8. No Sound

9. Tundra

10. Sun In The Sea






"I'm an American...you're a sick asshole!"


Take that metric system!


When I don't know what to write I go get a sandwich. My favorite is a radioactive one. These two are a better version of the Chemical Brothers. Big beats, moody vocals, and not afraid to use the latest trends in music. This is a collection of stuff they made before 2012 that never made it onto an album. Some of them sound like sketches and are pretty short. So what do you do with it? B-sides baby! You cannot pigeon hole these guys cause just when you're comfortable they turn the tables on you. It's electronic creativity at its finest that jumps genres and treats tempos as a suggestion. Check out this lyric:


"You're f*cking ugly and I hate you. I wish you would just go and die...in a fire."


Wedding vows...they ain't what they used to be. This was offered for whatever you thought it was worth awhile ago, but now that's over. They've given away a lot on Ektoplazm in the past so now it's time to throw a few scheckles their way. So for less than 4 bucks you can have some great stuff in your inbox. When you need to take a break from psytrance, but still want to keep it psychedelic check this out.


B-sides...Maybe. If the b stands for bad-ass.


Radioactive Sandwich Bandcamp





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