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Brainwash - Brainwash & Friends


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Artist: Brainwash

Title: Brainwash & Friends

Label: Fractal Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Acidbrain - Feelings

2. Brainwash feat. Magneto - I Have a Voice

3. Brainwash feat Zinx - Brainscan

4. Brainwash feat Sinful Reactions - Destroy It

5. Brainwash feat. Khopat - Version 3

6. Brainwash feat Alienn - Second Level of Storm

7. Brainwash feat Brain Hunters - Massive Army

8. Brainwash feat Freeze - Alive






"What's so funny, c'mon lemme look at it."


Nothing good ever came after this sentence was spoken. Case in point whatever this headache is. Buildups, buildups, and more buildups. Oh the buildups. But wait...there's more! Stops and starts and so many repeated phrases. I know we loop sh*t in this genre, but give me f*cking break. This is sonic regurgitation with samples galore. It plays at twilight music, but this trojan horse is fooling no one. It's commercial full-on tripping all over itself to reveal its inane nature. Have you no shame?


There are some good acid deluges, but they're shoehorned in between all the other terrible bullsh*t. The cast of characters is impressive as they have each made much, much better music than this. It's just full steam ahead without any attention to detail. Wonder what they have in common. If I could just put my finger on it... And I don't know what the f*ck Fractal Records was thinking. Oh well, one step forward, two steps back.


Don't get Brainwashed.


I'm not linking to this. Support your own bad habits.



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