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Balance-music from australia


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so, i dont know if any of you know this guy..i ordered some cds from him on 18/5/14.he kept sending me messages that he send the cds and for three times the cds turn back to him..after that he refund my money through paypal but his bank didnt aprove the refund.probably because he had no money to his account..after that he told me that his step father was dying from cancer and he had to visit him somewhere in asia and he is going to send me the money asap..well its 15/7/14 and i have no money and not an answer from him after lots of msgs i send him through psynews and email.obviously the guy is a liar and a scum and he ripped the fuck of me.i saw him active on psynews today but keep not answering to me.so ppl, please be carefull of that creep..the money he stole from me was 66 eu.

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I am not a liar but I do admit that in the past I have been like this and I should have known better. I have sent the Cds now and once my finances are sorted I will reimburse the finances to you. It was actually 66USD not eur. Anyway once you get the music please let me know, it usually takes 2-3 weeks from Australia to Greece. And please don't lie, I paid an extra $20AUD out of my pocket for tracking so I will see if it is or isn't delivered. i also added 2 CDs i think you will enjoy on top of the others as way of apology.


I have finally learnt that I'm useless at this selling thing, only good at buying, so I will not be offering any more sales after this.


Good day.

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so..after 5 months the package recieved.yes, you r right, it was 66usd, not euros my mistake.thanks for the two extra cds, aithough hitech music is not much my cup of tea..BUT you didnt send me VA - "Exist Prime", wich you must forgot.i dont want to send me the cd or any money.i dont know what your problems are but i have to say that all this thing was a big pain in the ass :s

good day to you too.

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