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Ziptnf - Mech Assassin [progressive psybreaks]


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Well, the summer is nearly over and that means its time for more psybreaks! Keeping with the robot theme, this mix is about a mech assassin. Stealthily, he infiltrates the mech compound and blasts them all with his gigantic fucking gun. Look at that thing. That thing could blow up entire planets.


Anyway, this mix starts off nice and slow, and I keep it funky, chunky, and dark. I never break 128 BPM. It gets seriously intense though, so don't think you're in for an easy ride. This is a war against the machines!


Neurodriver - Man Made (Hedflux Remix) [broken Robot]

Colombo - We Are Back [iBreaks]

Boson - Blackout (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot]

MartOpetEr - Homegrown Disaster (Roboteknic Remix) [Divergence]

Retroid - Last Seraphim (Fisso & Spark Remix) [Ego Shot]

Ghettface & Yanix - Blackout [Ridiculoud]

Too Dusty - Stardust [Tek]

Ogza - Quasar [Progrezo]

Isolate - Sadhana (MDK Remix) [in Bloom]

Blazer - Low Gravity [Ayra]

Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Kiwa Remix) [Logariddim]

Elite Force - We Are Distrikt [u&A]

The Riddler - Debeli Gmaz [Logariddim]

Far Too Loud - We Want To Dance [Funkatech]

Aggresivenes - Into Oblivion (Affective Remix) [Elektroshok]


Ziptnf - Mech Assassin (1:17:36) 178MB ~320kbps


Image credit to GeorgeLovesyart


Enjoy! :D

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