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Gaspard - Seems Legit (Sangoma)

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Artist: Gaspard
Title: Seems Legit
Label: Sangoma
Catalogue: SANGCD07
Release: May 2014
Format: CD/Digital
Mastering: Cass @ Wired Mastering
Artwork: Meskalart

Gaspard – Seems Legit
1. Spaced
2. Cannalize Legabis
3. Falaweeda Galacia
4. Royal with Cheese
5. Free Candy
6. DNA
7. Bamboclat
8. Little Switch
9. Riding the Rooster

Sangoma Records is exited to present the album of Gaspard, a psychedelic character that shouldn’t need any introduction. As a founding member and driving force behind Peak Records and Co-Pilot of Yab Yum (together with Ajja Leu), he now presents his first solo album after numerous compilations. Being in tune with Psychedlic Trance since the early 90s he now is back with full energy and inspiration from a baby break. On Sangoma’s magic 7th CD release you can expect driving, groovy and hypnotic hi-quality music with a dose of humor. Mastered by Cass @ Wired Mastering for your aural pleasure. In tradition to the “Anti-Cheese school” this release is guaranteed to deliver quality proved gems that work as accurate as Swizz watches for all you wizards and witches.


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