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Loud - No More X

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Loud - No More X






1. If...

2. Dr. Who

3. Perpetuum Mobile

4. Solid

5. Shores Of Titan

6. Triceratops

7. Station 42



A bit late with this one but I think it deserves posting. So for those who don't know already who these guys are, Loud is a psy-trance and progressive trance group made up by Eitan Reiter and Kobi Toledano.


They have already produced 3 albums before this one along with several remixes and other singles over the years. I wont go over too much about their older stuff but just a general background information on why I think this album is so great. Their first album, Some Kind Of Creativity, was a great album that had some full on elements, while being different from most artist by actually having constant movement in their songs. Their will be one melody or whatever else going on one minute and then just before you get sick of it, the song moves on to another part, constantly making you dance to great songs. Their second album, Abstract, while had some great songs did not receive great reception as their first, mostly do to the fact that it wasn't like the first. But they kept pushing with their third album, Free From Conceptual Thoughts, which I would consider being a comeback from Abstract. One thing that is noticeably about this album is a change in direction, while still having their style, it is noticeable that they are moving more toward a progressive side of trance (and a good way).


Now the reason why I introduce all of that is because of this album. This album is very very different from their past three albums and it even may make some consider why they even bothered. I know I did when I first listened to it. But after couple years of listening to more music and this album couple times during those years, I finally have been able to fully appreciate this album. The reason why I couldn't figure it out why I didn't like as much is because I didn't realize what they were trying to do. Loud were trying to get that old 90's acid trance sound with modern technology. What? That old thing that everyone has forgotten, why bother? Well, I do not know why but I know that it is awesome. I came to this realization of how good this album actually is after realizing that Loud have been producing more stuff that sounds a lot like Platipus Records, the same label responsible for all the great classics from Union Jack, Art of Trance, Quietman, Pob, and etc.


That's what I would recommend doing when listening this album, don't think of it as a typical psy-trance album but more as a Platipus inspired album. Now while it may not sound exactly like all of Platipus stuff from the 90s, if you compare it to what they have been releasing in recent years like Union Jack's Pylon Pigs or singles from Art of Trance, you will hear how they are quite similar. I hope that Loud will continue to work with the folks from Platipus, since that old sound is still great to hear to this day.


The only real problem I have is with Perpetuum Mobile, I felt that it wasn't that great of a song but not too bad.


Rating: 4.5/5



(Thanks for reading and sorry for the not so best review. I don't usually write reviews but seeing how this hasn't been posted yet I felt that I should do it. If anything, someone else could give this album a try and give their opinion.)

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