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Tribute to "GOA HEAD"! (dj Inada - Cronomi rec.)


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Hi "Goa-Heads": A brand new DJ Inada set has been uploaded. :)

For those who know the legendary series "GOA HEAD", :wub: well, this is a special tribute to this most wonderful compilation series.
As they were my first encounter with GOA TRANCE, I had to make a special set in their honor one day

It is the same dj set that appeared a few dayes ago on a live radio show.


"Don't panic & keep psychedelic" :P
(dj Inada - manager Cronomi Records)



LINK: https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada/dj-inada-cronomi-rec-tribute






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For a moment I thought it's a tribute to me ;)


The series seems to have taken a pause and stopped at 29. I'd it has been discontinued but you never know.


Lets meet, and who knows I can start liking that much I'd do that for ya :P


But wouldn't that be "Avi Algranati, Dino Psaras, Marko Goren, Ofer Dikovsky, Steve Ronan"? :)

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they form the band "phreaky"...so actually I said: "Would it be freaky (phreaky) if I would make the set in only your honer?" :)

Replying on your post.

Just joking around a bit, trying to make my first goa-joke :P


*pat on the shoulder*

That's the spirit, don't give up son!


Downloading it at the moment, cool that it's a wave-file! :)

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