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Alwoods-Long Life Forest


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Artist: Alwoods

Album: Long Life Forest

Label: Altar Records

Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Chillgressive


  1. Rain of Shooting Stars 110 bpm

  2. Spacequake 112 bpm

  3. Open Mind 115 bpm

  4. Space Radio Station 115 bpm

  5. Shadow of the Moon 125 bpm

  6. Enchanted Clearing 128 bpm

  7. Long Life Forest 115 bpm

  8. We Are Modern Shamans 115 bpm


John Rigas (aka Alwoods) launches another bomb with Long Life Forest. As with his first masterpiece Aeolian Mode, this second album stays in the same progressive psychill universe : thick bass lines and a floating ambiance accompanied by a unique, strong, kick signature. Each tune offers deep seated vibrations while maintaining intense beats that set the dance floor on fire. Compared to Aeolian Mode, Long Life Forest is more grounded on the goa side of trance. Organic slithering and gloomy sounds, darkish shamanik feelings and, let's say, a less melodic structure then we are used to hearing with Alwoods. It is perhaps less melodic in one way, but it invites the listener to delve into the deepest layers of his consciousness.


Long Life Forest proposes a shamanic experience. The entire track's flow creates a connection with our inner wildnerness and the night time of our soul. If these kind of moments are generally rejected because of their association with uncontrolled and unstructured pieces of our being, we can however see these experiences as possibilities to visit the unknown spaces that we usually avoid. Here, the tunes proposed by Alwoods are not organized around melodies that lead and accompany the listner from begining to end in logical sequence. Each track offers fractal moments in which our logic has to deal with sounds that don’t seem naturally linked to each other. Here is the essence of shamanism : it is all about reorganizing normal perceptions, jumping off the beaten path and leaving behind what’s taken for granted. Overall, it is letting ourselves leap into the unknown, away from our habits and our comfort zone, and allowing ourselves to reach something burried or not totally in place yet.


If Long Life Forest is not as melodic as the other Alwoods's projects, the listener has a whole universe to experience through the adventure. More than just an album to listen to, it is an album to live. Light a candle and focus on the flame. When you will be totally immersed in this pure and paradoxical moment of simple creation and destruction, press play on your sound system and open the doors of perception!


You can buy and listen to samples at:

Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/long-life-forest


Youtube Links:



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