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X-Side - Dominate EP


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Artist: X-Side

Title: Dominate EP

Label: MMD Records

Date: August, 2013


1. X-Side - Dominate

2. X-Side & Frozen Ghost - Tongue Out

3. Sinful Reactions & X-Side - Dark Skies

4. Mr. Jack - Alter Ego (X-Side Remix)


"Have either of you experienced any blackouts...or stretches of time that you can't account for?"




Maybe...but you better be careful man...the hulk is gonna come looking for his testicle and I don't wanna be anywhere near here. He's violent. Hey...hey, are you gonna finish those?




South African digital label MMD has been very consistent in releasing quality music for night time mosh pitting. And make no mistake this is no different. If your idea of enjoying the music is wrecking sh*t and punching your fellow concert attendee, then this is something you should look into. I'm new to X-Side, but I know about the twilight shenanigans of Frozen Ghost and Sinful Reactions. It's high energy acidic mayhem that doesn't take its foot off the accelerator. Darkly melodic and supremely powerful, this is MMA soundtrack stuff.


Get some.





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