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Epicuros - Metropolis 2.1 (The Thrive) (Ambient, Psychill, Synthesizer, Psychedelic Trance)


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Epicuros - Metropolis 2.1 (The Thrive) (Ambient, Psychill, Synthesizer, Psychedelic Trance)

Going up?

The inspiration to do this mix was pretty much iniated when I was thinking about the progress after the technological revolution that humanity has witnessed over the last few millenia. The outstanding effort to evolve as species through knowledge is what gives a promising framework of potential for mankinds future. But not without setbacks and heavy burdens when it comes to these dramatic changes in the climate change that we've set in motion and already becoming the biggest challenge we must overcome. It's a long bumpy road we must take to succeed.

This mix was also very much build and motivated with the visionary images of the futuristic skyscraper city landscapes and then continued even further to the space exploration and thus the overall idea of humanity's hope to thrive trough science and technology.

Starting from a bit melancholic atmosphere in a rainy midnight neon city lights and building it to a new dawn filled with uplifting excitement and emerging new hope with awareness that not even the sky's the limit for human race. :]



01. Field Rotation - Regenzeit 2
02. Marco Torrance - Uberhuman Floating
03. Carbon Based Lifeforms - MOS 6581
04. Cj Rcm - Surrealism
05. Cj Rcm - Soul Files
06. Electric Universe - Journey Into Outer Space
07. Hablift - Enigmatic
08. AmBeam - Abstraction 2010
09. Scann-Tec - Amy Returns
10. Electric Universe - Heart On The Line
11. Mungusid - Escape
12. Lab's Cloud - In A Digital World
13. Aes Dana - Digitalys
14. Cabeiri - Voices
15. Aes Dana - Opalin
16. Alwoods - Psychedelic Dream
17. Suduaya - Unity
18. Bryan El - Supernova

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