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"V/A - Menog - I See Change Remixes"


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Artist: Various

Title: Menog - I See Change Remixes

Label: Spectral Records

Date: November, 2013


1. Audialize Remix

2. Iliuchina Remix

3. Kin Remix

4. Tryambaka Remix

5. Biorhythm Remix

6. sHiFt Remix

7. Bretheren

8. Ectima Remix

9. Chilled Cquence Remix


"I know change. I embody change. All we do...is change."


Oh you're gonna get sick of hearing that.


The first couple of times I listened to this I wanted to put Daniel in a dark Portuguese prison with a dead chicken around his neck.




I know what you're thinking.


What an odd thing to say. I only bring it up because this actually happened to a kid in a foster home in North Carolina. Seems kinda mean and f*cked up so I figured it would be a good form of punishment for Daniel. I mean some sort of retribution needed to be enacted for someone who would willingly put his listeners through the torture of 9 remixes of one track.




Imagine being stuck in the movie Groundhog day, but instead of getting to cold cock Ned Ryerson you get to beat your head against the wall for 24 hours. Because even with the changes each artist made to the original it's still the same f*cking track. Same one. By the time Tryambaka's version rolled around I was seeing double and began to sharpen my knife.


But then I got to thinking. This is probably not meant for home listening and most assuredly not meant to listen to all the way through. Maybe it's just for DJ's looking to drop some acid and thumping beats into their twilight set. Because let me tell you even though there are 8 clones they all have that in common. Eviscerating acid scalpels that are relentless guaranteed to rock the dance floors. The 9th and final mix is a laid back yet eerie dub track that thankfully let me catch my breath.


So I would say there is a time and a place for everything. With my kids playing upstairs I was free to let this blare through the subwoofer and I loved it. Listening all the way through with the headphones doesn't do it justice. Some searing tracks in here for you night time psytrance people.





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