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Blue Phoenix - Descent To Heaven


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Artist: Blue Phoenix

Title: Descent To Heaven

Label: Ektoplazm

Date: October, 2013


1 - Naive Joy (92 BPM)
2 - Tranquil Sunrise (85 BPM)
3 - One Last Breath (105 BPM)
4 - Descent To Heaven (95 BPM)
5 - Convalescence (100 BPM)
6 - Transmute (Various BPM)
7 - Sluggish Clarity (100 BPM)
8 - Unbounded Hope (100 BPM)





Sometimes you have to fall to soar.




Get lost in the wilderness before you find your true direction.




This album is the story of one man's journey who supposedly had it all and only realized what was actually important when it was almost taken away. You can simply read the track listing to see the stages he went through. Naive Joy in thinking he had life figured out, did what was expected of him, did...all the right things. Tranquil Sunrise is just that, another beautiful day in a string of beautiful days. The kind that is so common we just take it for granted. One Last Breath is all he has left. A chance to end the pain, a moment to regret all that wasn't accomplished, an opportunity to see what awaits this life on Earth. His Descent To Heaven is rife with angelic paradigms, moving towards the light, a sense of peace and ease where he begins to be pulled towards the next phase. Convalescence is a long and difficult process. Full of dark days, thoughts of why me, and will I ever get back to "normal?"


Transmute sees the true richness of life explode where it truly becomes what it was meant to be. Every touch, every smell, every experience heightened. Sluggish Clarity brings us to the reality that we are not alone. That we are just a piece of the puzzle being special in our own way and meant to interact with one another. Unbounded hope reveals that life without fear is the only way to live. Remove fear and the delicacies of life abound on your plate.



This isn't an album that strives for psychedelia or darkness. It's not an album that is meant to pack the dance floors. It's just one man's story of discovering what is really important and it is brilliantly told. It comes with a pdf file explaining what led to this rebirth and I strongly urge you to read this before you listen to his tale. Normally I dismiss the comments on Ektoplazm as they are usually full of sycophantic drivel, but not here. Not because the music itself is so remarkable or it's a classic in the making.


But because it meant so much to so many.


The music isn't important. I don't ever have to hear it again. It's the message. The message is the take away and it's one that applies to anyone who has challenges in their life's journey to overcome.


So basically everyone.


Like he said, "from the fires of tragedy growth begins." Music means a lot to everyone and by revealing his story perhaps this may lead to others finding strength when attempting to conquer their own demons.


I know this. After hearing this, I hug my kids a little tighter. Kiss my wife with more passion. And enjoy more of what this life has to offer with the wide eyed amazement of child.


And there isn't anything wrong with that.


Free at Ektoplazm




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