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ECHOSPACE: Dub Techno or Tech House?

Guest D N H

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Well i doubt that Deepchord presents Echospace need any introduction to anyone into electronica.

It is one of the most qualitative groups in electronic music's history ever. Until now, never failed to impress and amaze.


A reason for this is their originality.

As far as i see, their music has been mostly labeled as Dub Techno, but i find it imprecise and the Experimental addition not very expressive, at least for much of their outputs.


The thing is that their music creates such a delicate depth that gives me instantly a deep house sensation.

So a -Deep Dubbed Tech House- attribution sets things a bit in my head.


Well, what do you think about it? Do you have the same impression?


All in all, their mesmerizing originality has to be underlined. Hasn't it been so cracking?

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I love Deepchord Presents Echospace


Some of it defies categorization, they released a bonus disc to Liumin which is completely beatless, just texture and sample and woven melody, it's absolutely incredible:



As good as any ambient i've heard.


And this video that accompanies the original release combined with the music is one of the greatest artistic experiences there is in my opinion (make sure it's in HD) :





In regards to your question, I do feel like the melodies are evocative of deep house, but still with more depth and melancholy, but the way they loop them and the percussion is a lot more techy. Some blend of the two, more reliant on a dub techno approach, with a large dose of whatever it is that only they can do!

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