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Artist: VA

Name: Dance Of Shadows

Label: Horrordelic

Genre: Darkpsy

Release Date: 14. July 2013

Format: MP3 320 / WAV 44.1 Khz 16 bit

Length: 30 tracks, 2 chapters


Chapter 1:

1. Oraculo 13 20 – Beyond The Darkness 144bpm

2. Psytuga – The Beginning And The End Of Nothing 145bpm

3. Retohmorgon – Rainbow Fields 148bpm

4. Cthulhu – Cactus San Pedro 150bpm

5. Satyr Iasis – Tickler 150bpm

6. Sodoom – Break The Rules 150bpm

7. Nihil & Paranoia Sector – Dance Of Shadows 152bpm

8. Seven Dark – Something Wrong With You 152bpm

9. Spagettibrain – Cocops 153bpm

10. Nazrael – My Playground 154bpm

11. N0tag – The ride 156bpm

12. Archeos – Revolution For Evolution 150bpm

13. Holix – Invalid Answers 150bpm

14. M.Y. Project – Revolution 147bpm

15. Ferratek vs Osmosis – Feos 145bpm

Chapter 2:

1. Aum Sector – Defective Existence 160bpm

2. Paratrip & Paranoia Sector – Can You Free Me? 165bpm

3. Aghori Tantrik – Sonic Diabolic Tonic (Cthulhu rmx) 167bpm

4. Gloomy Phantom – Dark Side 168bpm

5. Dra Orcon – Type 0 170bpm

6. Miquiztli – Your Fucking Dead 170bpm

7. Synthetic Forest – Pwecca 172bpm

8. Voodoo – Krazy Ride 170bpm

9. Aum Sync – Psychedelic Traveller 170bpm

10. Psy4tecks – Magic Saw 170 Bpm

11. Brain And Bones – Blood In The Streets 174bpm

12. CinderVOMIT Ft. EkimSKRID – Mental Hiccup 190bpm

13. Sarasvvati – Coaxial Out 185bpm

14. Master Of Horror – Mask Of Satan 170-180bpm

15. Dhrupad – Omkar Swarupa 168bpm

Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents :

A free NET compilation compiled by Paranoia Sector. Two big chapters covering the full spectre of The Darkpsy Underworld. From North to south, east to west, people came together for this project, and really showcase what Darkpsy action is about.

Get your stereo loaded up with new tracks, mixers loaded, cds burned, joints rolled and bongs filled. 30 (!) new fresh tracks just in for the late summer season in 2013.

Chapter 1 starting out with 144BPM to 156, showcasing the powerful darkpsy atmosphere, will drag you right in and let you flow, headbang`n`rock out !

Chapter 2 takes it faster, starting in 160BPM to 190BPM, giving you the kickstart and power engine trip, climb in and ride it! This ride is not stopping, beware of highflying action!



Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

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