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Querox - How Life Goes On


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Artist: Querox

Title: How Life Goes On

Label: Prog On Syndicate

Date: July, 2012


1. Dirty Beat Drop
2. Dancing Angel
3. Go Now
4. Berlin Soundtrack
5. Backstage Girls (feat Monod)
6. Kiss the ground (Voice:Rea)
7. Say Goodbye
8. How life goes on

9. Fly Away (Querox rmx) - Phaxe



I love the letter q. Can't have quiet without it. And how would you get any answers if you couldn't ask any questions? And what the f*ck would ducks say? I think you spell qu'ran with a q, so without it billions would have to get a new holy book. May I suggest something from the works of a Dr. Seuss. It rhymes.


Which brings me to a project that begins with a q. Querox is Tobyjas Schiermeier with his debut on a label that is no stranger to quality progressive trance. There is a light feel to this style. Sometimes it comes across as a little thin, but at the same time it can be appealing. Can't be a melodic orgy all the time can it? He doesn't bore you to death with solely a minimal approach, but allows effects and melodies to germinate in their own time. He flirts with progressive house, but not enough to make me wanna hurl the disc out the window. And believe me that first track tested my restraint. Most tracks eventually become fairly detailed progressive and it's interesting to see how he gets there. Somewhat similar to the mutE or Midimal style I love the fine details he put inside and think it works great on headphones.


One of the strengths of the album are ther dreamy breaks. He's very good at it. Of particular note was the euphoric title track that was so juicy you could taste it. If I had to pick a problem area it's that the middle of the album is weak, with 5 or so tracks sounding very similar. This isn't going to rock the floor or shake any speakers, but it's an interesting hybrid of minimal and progressive styles that doesn't have its feet solidly planted in either.









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