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CeZZers – Expanded Horizons



Album: Expanded Horizons

Artist: CeZZers

Genre: Progressive

Size: 68MB

License: CC

Price: Free and Donations


Track List:


01 - Expanded Mind Ride

02 - Content Of Mind
03 - Expanded Horizons
04 - Free Ride


“With the click of a mouse, a brilliant idea can circle the globe in seconds… expanding horizons”


A very relaxing, chill atmospheric album that always offers a great intro meant to bring good vibes into any listeners heart. Nice and steady BPMs surround the buildup at every second, always making me feel smooth and happy. The psydub bass influences are really catchy and addicting attitude. There are a few things I would like to see changed, however. The first track seems to stop too soon. It would be nice to hear a bit more, developing that sweet bass line into something totally different while keeping the original icy flow. I really like how the second track offers this different pace, doubling up the bass and changing the vibe while keeping the vision of the album. This may be coming from someone who is use to hearing tracks that are longer than five minutes, but many of we psy fans enjoy a track that keeps a particular catchiness and engulfness for a time longer than five minutes. Still, it adds great replay ability to it, which is a theory commonly practiced by many producers. Keep doing what your doing.


Anyway, continuing with the second track, i was very surprised when it jumped into a middle-eastern style… then I read you are from Israel and it made a bit more since haha. I loved it. You kept rocking that sweet double bass against a backbone of neat voices, followed by an awesome popping synth to carry on the idea. Simply done with a few wonderful touches. Well done! Something new is offered each track, and I really enjoy the guitars and more complicated production on the third one. A great addition to anyones Downtempo / Progressive collection. I can definitely see myself playing this on the dance floor to tone down things a bit. Its always good to take a break from faster music.


Did you purposely make each track a bit more complicated than the last, adding length in the process? Is that why this album is called “Expanded Horizons,” because it adds more and more as the album progresses? If so, it is something I noticed. It starts out fairly minimal, then goes onto add layer after layer of juicy bass and danceable note plucks. The great thing is, it never gets too overpowering! Keep it up guys, explore the universe of sound and introduce us to it. You are pioneers, searching for land unknown in the infinite universe that is vibrations.


From marketing experiences, I recommend using album art that is a bit more unique. We all have seen fields of green with tiny paths on it. There is a lot of music on here, and psychologically we automatically are looking either for genre names or, more commonly, really awesome looking album art. If you notice, some of the highest downloaded albums on here have cool album art. Judging the book by the cover is one thing, but album art should not only look cool but express your intentions and visions. Try to find someone who can hand draw the best thought that comes to mind when listening to this album. For me, it would be a monk sitting on top of a very large mountain while staring into the eyes of a caterpillar. Something like that. Just a littler offer of feedback. Great album guys.




Download here on Ektoplazm


- Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles)

- Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.

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