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Interactive Noise - Synthetik Pleasure


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Artist: Interactive Noise

Title: Synthetik Pleasure

Label: Spintwist Records

Date: February, 2012


1. Soundcheck
2. Disco beat
3. Zurich (Interactive Noise rmx) - DAY.DIN
4. Altered State
5. Synthetik Pleasure
6. Oscillations
7. The Transformers
8. Deep and pumping sound (Interactive Noise rmx) - AUDIOMATIC
9. Beethoven (Album Version)
10. Break time


Spintwist Records has a distinct style. It's much more focused on the rhythm and groove than the stacking of melodies. Designed I assume to get asses wriggling and chicks giggling. And I can see how the huge kicks and bass grooves could do just that. But what if you don't go to parties?


What if you're a middle aged guy that has two kids and a ton of laundry to do?


F*ck that guy obviously, it's not meant for him. It's meant for this guy.




Sh*t just got real.



The music here does what it's supposed to do. Rhythmic with very little detail. Think of it as stripped down progressive. It's not going to set you dreaming with layers of melody or lush atmosphere. Doesn't care. It's a whisker away from house music and nobody ever contemplated the meaning of the universe while listening to house music. It's pumping kick and bass music for the party people that are whacked out of their mind on E. So for those who like to listen at home with some headphones, you'll be bored out of your skull if you choose this.







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