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Artist: Various

Title: Audio Discharge

Label: Replicant Records

Date: March, 2013


1. EMP - Paranoia Destroyer

2. Tryon - Warning Shots

3. Iliuchina - LSD Block Remix

4. sHiFt - Punp (Tantrum Remix)

5. Tryambaka - X

6. X-Side - Hyper sleep (Tantrum Remix)

7. Jaws Underground & Catarsis - We Are Leigon

8. Tantrum & Iron Assault - Audio Discharge

9. Smugg Juggler - This Is It (Hiyarant Remix)

10. Sonic Assault - Delirium



"What the f*ck is going on?"


Sometimes you need a good punch in the face.




"Yeah I'm in line. What's that? Oh...no bats? Ok, just fists then."


Hard to believe this idiot is famous. You didn't do anything except get your pudding pounded on tape. Well...you did shame your family so I guess that's something. Can't wait to hear how she explains how mommy and her ginormous ass got famous.


"Mommy who is that black guy and why is he trying to jump over you?"


While Kim K. is an obvious choice I was speaking musically and metaphorically. Goa is awesome, progressive trance can be dreamy and vivid, and downtempo is what it is. But give me some twilight music with some f*cking balls and I'm listening.


Now I wouldn't know Replicant Records if I tripped over them, but Tantrum seems to have assembled quite a track list here. Several styles of the night-time music are represented. We all know that doesn't guarantee success as numerous compilations continue to prove. But if you're looking for music for a workout, driving, or just setting up that bondage studio for that cute school librarian with the horn rimmed glasses who crinkles her nose when she smiles than this is for you.


This discharges all over your face with thumping beats, malicious intent, and enough sticky icky acid that it will require a few hair washings. Lasers will have you ducking for cover as this storms with track after track of barely controlled chaos. It's dark and futuristic with effects that crackle and hum with energy. Some of the leads I didn't like, but they were brief, succumbing to the onslaught of those I did. Recommended.


"Yes sweetie I have that library book that's overdue. I meant to return it, but I get so forgetful these days. Of course, it's right over there on top of that shelf. Would you be a dear and get that for me? So sweet."




F*ck Geico, I'm off the clock. Party time.





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