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Artist: Various

Title: Hocus Pocus

Label: Mimoza Records

Date: 1999


1. Goldenfingers - Let's Go Beitar

2. Goldfingers Vs. Kintaro - Tamegol

3. Kintaro - Chance To Trance

4. D-Zager - Burekas II

5. Kintaro Vs. Goldfingers - Yello Up

6. D-Zager - Vodka

7. Paranoize - x-Plode (Remix 99)

8. D-Zager - Aleira Sky



My mother was Jewish and while I was raised Catholic I enjoyed some of the Jewish culture.


Ok food.


Ok let me stop right there. The only thing that could be considered Jewish about me is my love for bagels and let's be honest that ain't gonna get me into Heaven. Hardly a pillar of the Hebrew faith, you knew it was going mainstream when Food Lion was selling bagel six packs. In the South. But what other food could you enjoy that could be considered Jewish?


Ever had matzos? Might as well eat the box it came in. Yuck.


Lox? It's fish that is put on bagels, but fish for breakfast? No thanks.


So with that weak minded spirit I decided to listen to a nitzhonot compilation and see if I could get into it.


Ummm...no. Too much. Too frenetic. I think nitzhonot is an acquired taste (like Lox) and with all the Hebrew being spoken on this disc I felt like an outsider.




Ok not that bad, but you get the point. All I could think of was a bunch of fist pumping rich trust fund kids at an all night rave in Brooklyn. But by Passover they had their yarmulkes and side burns and resumed their place at the wailing wall.



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