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Ain-Soph - Road to Aarnivalkea (Trancebum Productions / Freakdance Records)


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2013 is the year that I have been dj'ing at parties for 10 years. To celebrate this I poured all my experience and love for this music in a special 2 hour mix.

I can't put into words how much this music has changed my life, but I hope to spread these sounds even further and allow others to find this hidden place too.

A big thank you to all the suomi saundii artists, label owners and party people,

and a special thank you to Pavel and Huopis from Trancebum productions and Freakdance Records for giving me the opportunity to DJ for them!


shiwa 2000 - Story of Long Nose
Pavel Svimba - Magnetic Fields
Kyril & Eskobar - Unicorn Fields
Puoskari - The Wave
Okta - Long Live The Vinyl!
Pavel Svimba - Cheese Garlic Story
The Sebastians - Gunilla And Gunner
Mandalavandalz - Petomanz Peflet
Omituisten Otusten Kerho - Worried Walrus
Sattle Battle - Dotman
EvsY - Just Looking For The Best Pieces of This Puzzle
Ex Uus - Wakanda
Egosentrifug - Schizotope
Huopatossu Mononen - Spring Solen
Shiwa 2000 - Didgie Hero (Egosentrifug Remix)
Mandalavandalz - Dance
Flying Scorpions - 3 Brotherz
Mandalavandalz - Kaapiaiden Aarre
Texas Faggott - Osaka Cleaner
Tea Chairz - Beverages
Shiwa 2000 - Merkababa
Texas Faggott - Love Ice
Eraser vs Yöjalka - Huan Ona
Luomuhappo - Luuloterve
F-virus - Happy Happy Joy Joy
Gruuvit Muuvit - Passing Lanes
Calamar Audio & Okta - Sesto Sunshine
Antiscarp Warriors - Gallona
Snyper - Multitek Now
Huopatossu Mononen - Paluumatkailija




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