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SONICA FESTIVAL : 1-5 August 2013 : South Italy


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1-5 AUGUST 2013

Albanella Aeolian Park (SA)

South Italy

Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition

Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition, the total green fueled festival dedicated to Planet Earth, taking place in south italy from the 1st to the 5th of next August 2013.

Sonica is an environmental friendly event, lasting 4 nights and 5 days and the only one in Europe to be totally powered by green energies through the use of solar panels and aeolian blades.

After the previous 5 editions held between 2005 and 2011, Sonica is keeping is magic with the next Powerstock edition, delivering you a new multicultural experience through music, art and peace in another special venue located in the south of Italy.

At only100Km by Naples, within a 30hectares Aeolian Park located on top of an hill, close to the village of Albanella, surrounded by mountains and looking at sea just 15km far away, we'll celebrate the new era in this magnetic area, where holy rituals were practiced centuries ago by the ancient pagan culture for energy renewal.

The wind power, daily collected by aeolian blades now present on the spot, will allow us to realize our eco-acoustic spacey show without polluting the environment with gas and noisy emissions by using typical electric generators.

Location and its surroundings are happy to guest for the first time Sonica festival and its colored international crowd with aim to promote local traditions and typical products and offering you a true experience with the sparkling South-Italy, the land of the early latin culture, where you can also have chance to visit amazing historical sites to complete your holidays.

Sonica - contemporary music, art and culture will feature:

* 3 stages

* visual projection and multidimensional video mapping technologies

* performing arts, decorations, installations, paintings and exhibitions

* healing & workshops

* artesanal market

* international and local food

* eco-sustainability and tribal culture


Tickets will be on sale form beginning of March 2013 throughout Sonica new website and preseller network. Check the website to locate your closer preseller.

To buy a Sonica E-ticket you'll have to login to the website and provide a valid e-mail address to receive Sonica confirmation reply with your alphanumeric ticket-code.

Sonica e-ticket sale is made using PayPal secure site. Your Sonica e-ticket will be printable and always readable in the body of your "html" or "rich text" format email. No paper-tickets will be sent to the purchasers.

Before to leave for your holiday just remember to print your ticket and show it at the entrance gate together with your passport to get your Festival full-pass.

Pre-Sale Tickets will be available till July the 10th 2013 with different ranges of prices. After this date, tickets will be only available at the SONICA gate at a much higher value.

Ticket Presale - Phases and Prices:

* 1st phase (March 9th - May 5th): 55€ + paypal fee

* 2nd phase (May 6th - July 10th): 75€ + paypal fee



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