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Wolfen Technologies - Foreign Frequencies EP

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Artist: Wolfen Technologies

Title: Foreign Frequencies EP

Label: None

Date: January, 2013


1. Ancient Feelings

2. Keep on Flowing

3. Senses



Because I'm voluntarily throwing money at Elias Gits, Anoebis, Psyshop, and Avatar I'm taking a look at our good friends over at Ektoplazm. Add to that my wife has discovered that bras from England fit better than from the US, I'm trying to save a few bucks. I decided to check this out because aside from the very interesting cover art this guy (Tom Chant) is from Wales. I spent a year attending the College of Swansea in which studying was not a priority. I mean it was, just not for me. This is a downtempo glitch menagerie that seems to move a lot faster than the bpm's dictate. Soft melodies over cool breakbeats while effects wreck shop as the beat goes on. The bass is deep and makes a chest shudder, but the synths are light and airy.


Because the tracks are fairly short it is a nice digestible piece of electronica. Recommended.


Free at Ektoplazm



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