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Artist: Various

Title: As Hard As It Gets

Label: Boa Group Records

Date: July, 2009


1. U on acid

2. New Reality

3. Puzzle (Bliss rmx)

4. Chilakillers

5. Search and destroy

6. Overdose

7. Synthetic

8. One (A-team rmx)



As Hard as it gets. If you type that into Google Image search you'll see enough dong to put you out of your comfort zone. Unless you're one of these guys.




Compiled by the ahem, A-Team (Painkiller + Bliss) the track list seems promising. But we have been down this road before havent we? If you like deep and twisting night time full-on then as Obi-Wan said:


This is not the compilation you're looking for.


U On Acid- "You can dream a whole adventure in your sleep in a split second."


It's always a bad sign when instead of spelling the track name, letter abbreviations are used. Usually we are heading for disappointment. Not my rule, it just works out that way. The ahem, A-Team (and I use that term with as much irony as I can muster) start things off with a very loud track overflowing with sounds and textures. It's pumping full-on with some techno influences and interesting changes of pace. Not bad, but with so many stops and starts it gets tiring to listen to. Good for the mosh pit I suppose.


New Reality- "Experience is the new reality."




Oy the buildups. Migraine inducing leads that go way past 11. My new reality is taking a few extra strength aspirin. Thanks a lot you sonofab*tch.



Puzzle (Bliss Rmx)- I've had beef with Bliss since he released the atrocious Looney Bin Fiasco which coincidentally went straight to the garbage bin. Keep hoping against hope that he will return to his Rhythmus Gene ways, but it ain't gonna be here. More of the same weak sh*t he's been making. Don't recall if the original was craptacular, but Bliss didn't help. R.I.P. buddy.






This is what it sounds like...when doves cry. Pure assembly line music. Stop making the same repetitive bullsh*t over and over again.


Search and Destroy- We all know that Regev hasn't been right for damn near a decade, but every now and then he gives us a glimpse of the talented producer he is. A lot have already began to shovel dirt on this guy and uh...well this track didn't help. It's more loud and uninspired full on. What happened to you Regev? Did you lose your acid preset? You need an intervention.


Overdose- "Oh no, you shouldn't hallucinate alone!"


I don't normally try to hurt people, but when I do, this could be my theme music. Take everything that you hate about full on and now put it on repeat. Overdosing is not a laughing matter. Unless your this guy.




"F*ck you girl scouts. F*ck you and the cute little outfits you wore to knock on my door."



Synthetic- "Maybe there never was a real me in the first place and I'm completely synthetic."


This is the lone bright spot on this compilation. This combo just put the pedal down and threw it out there. Alas, one track does not a compilation make. Sad face.


On (A-Team Remix)- The ahem, A-Team close it out with a remix of an Astral track. Meh, by this point I'm already beaten down by your wall of suck. If this had the winning lottery numbers in it I wouldn't have known it.


P.S. I listened to it again. It didn't have the numbers. Thanks for nothing assholes!



Ok, I think you know how this turned out. This was like being subjected to a Nutek compilation. Artists making music in the grey area of commercial full-on under the guise of twilight music. As mentioned it's loud, unimaginative, and chock full of stops and starts. Buildups that haven't caused me this much pain since my last kidney stone. I think I go for a drive, maybe it'll sound better in the car.




Nope. Sh*t should come with a warning label.










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