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VA - Subsequent Hymns (Flying Woofer Recs) - OUT nOW! fREE !

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In today’s electronic music scene, where genre overrules music perception and function of most listeners, comes a need for a fresh start. More and more grow into listening to music with certain perception, presuming that a certain ‘genre’ must sound the same. As hard it is in this day and age, I ask you to disregard this type of listening during the special occasion of this ‘Subsequent Hymns’ compilation.



1. Lord Boyd - Shark Dad

2. SnubLuck – BlipBlop

3. Midnightsmack – Slo

4. A. Poco. Lips – Snowdayinspace

5. BelgiumBeats – Pounding Madness

6. Able8 – UFO

7. Beats Craze – Ciroc CoCo

8. Amin Payne – Higher

9. Astrobear – In the Beginning

10. Known to be lethal – Quantum

11. Moniker004 – Busta

12. The Blank – Forget

13. NH-Trio – Summertime Relativity

14. Grain Mail – Can(t) Believe

15. Math Bonus – Colordrip

16. Bx2 – Senselessness

17. Lab 5 – Wind

18. Bærfrens – Sleepi Androyd

19. Loec – All (Night)

20. Gelido – Emotion Library

21. Olivaw's Twist - Theory of Prediction

22. Dublab – Dubseed (Feat Nina Hynes)

23. Metaphorical Cloud – Aethereal







MP3 320:



~ Presented by Flying Woofer Records ~

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