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TB - Live at Psychedelic Halloween Munich 03.11.2012 [Progressive Psytrance]

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* Title: Live at Psychedelic Halloween Munich 03.11.2012

* Genre: Progressive Psytrance

* Length: 2h14m

* Format: MP3 VBR V0

* File size: 251,7 MB

* BPM: 136-140




This is my set from Psychedelic Halloween Party in Munich on 03.11.2012. This version doesn't include my Ambient opening.

If you prefer to have it with the opening download the full version!



http://rghost.net/41364430 (cut version)

http://rghost.net/41364228 (full version)




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My Webradio





Sphera - Being Realized (MUTe Remix)

Nerso & Zyce - Force Of Existence

Martin - Intoxicated (Zyce Remix)

Flegma & Zyce - Out Of Control

Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy

Drukverdeler & DJ Bim - Here Today And Gone Tomorrow (Rigel Remix)

Sideform - Chameleon (Nerso Remix)

Copycat - Elixir

E-Clip - Troublemaker

Sideform - Acid Adventure

Lupin - Cuidad Fantasma (Suduaya Remix)

Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness (Major7 Remix)

Sonic Entity - Twister

Sonic Species - Dawn Till Dusk

Sonic Entity - Spacetime

Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack Remix)

E-Clip - Salvia Divinorum

Ace Ventura - Maximum Overdrive

Liquid Soul - Devotion (Ace Ventura Remix)



Feedback is very welcome! :)

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