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Space Baby Records presents "Full Story" by Shiva3

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Shiva3 - Full Story - 2012


1.Intro 2:38

2. Hindu Trip 8:05

3. Beauty of your Reflections 8:50

4. Namah shivaya 8:07

5. Har Har Mahadev (version 2012) 8:07

6. Tuvan voice 7:49

7. Maya Shaman (version 2012) 6:41

8. Pentagonika 9:18

9.New Power 7:57

10.Mushroom opera (outro) 7:38


Total Time - 73:10

Cover Art Work by Odzunu

Mastering - Dimitro ( Zymosis)



Description :


The world of wood spirits reveals to us with the first notes of our magic rituals of sounds. Into the healing stuff we shall mix a bit of starry skies from luring faraway space, the sound of shaman tambourine, starting the sacred ritual and by all means the atmosphere of the wood and wild nature that gave us the sources of wisdom and understanding of the universe.

We shall assemble all the magic creatures near our large bonfire of unity and perform the Dance of Universe and sing a song of Mother Earth. We shall recollect the nature and our true sources of existence - we shall go back to the dark thick forest together with Shiva3.



poem for inside cover·

god shiva dancing the tandeva dance

nataraja deep meditative trance state enhanced

creator preserver destroyer concealer

holding trident cresent moon above 3rd eye revealer

indiginous native indians in tribal ceromony

drumming rattling playing wooden flutes in harmony

offerings of sage tobacco and sweetgrass smoke

indians with painted masks invoke

attracting ancestral spirits in dance and chants

within natures mind symmetry that enchants.

David Baker



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Dear friends!

It left quite a bit of time before the official release- at the end of this month a new album and a compilation Shiva3 VA Misterika Tree of the Life 2 cd will be officially presented at the beatspace as well as all of our partners.

For all who want to buy CDs now the label carries out the action

From 20/11/12 to 12/01/2012 you can buy CDs of our label for a special price:

1. novelty

Shiva3 new album - 7 euro

Misterika tree of the life 2 cd - 11 euro

2. All our other releases during the campaign you can also purchase at a discount - 6 euros for 1 cd or 10 euros for all three discs.

You can pay through: paypal / webmoney / western & moneygram

Sending drive any convenient way:

for Ukraine - New mail, Gunsel, Autolux.

for other countries - (simple or air mail, TNT, DHL), or in any convenient manner.

Payment for delivery to the recipient.

Those wishing to purchase Cd contact:



email spacebaby2008@gmail.com

skype - okujah

skype - psygoatonik

tel +3 095 7941997

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