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VA - Casual Freaks (SunStation Rec)

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Listen and get it now!


Sun Station Records presents a compilation by long time label A&R and experienced DJ Unitone, which reflects his wide musical tastes across the variety of psychedelic trance sub-genres. The idea was to take some of the favorite dance floor stompers from the DJ case, regardless of style, and create a smooth shift from dusk till dawn, so you will find really different influences on this compilation: from deeper moody tunes by Red & Pan Psychic, Gaiana, and the wild cat Ocelot; a couple of twisted night time thrillers with the oldschool touch by such pioneering producers in their countries as Kadasarva (Ukraine) and Rahatmahatix (Slovakia); some extremely groovy and funky blasters by hotest Suomi boys Eraser and Yöjalka, Russia’s secret talent Glooex and French veteran Squazoid accompanied by Miss Little Pumpkin. And last but not least, a couple of gorgeous morning tunes by Bassid (Holland) and Timeflux (Slovakia).


We believe that every dedicated psytrance listener will find something special for their aural pleasure. This release is perfectly mastered by the legendary Colin OOOD and the artwork is designed by talented Moscow graphic designerAndrei Verner.



A limited amount of label's T-Shirts with amazing artwork for this release is available from our online shop: http://shop.sunstation.ru/album/va-casual-freaks


Visit our website for more info about our releases and upcoming projects:SunStation

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