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Artist: Tijah

Title: Nocturnal Mind Tweaking EP

Label: Mind Tweakers Records

Date: January, 2012


1 - Tijah - Seed Drop (139 BPM)

2 - Tijah vs Interferenz - Sunset Machine (138 BPM)

3 - Onionbrain - Wormhole (Tijah Remix) (137 BPM)

4 - Tijah - Talking Machines (135 BPM)

5 - Disfunction - 11:11 (Tijah & Diza Remix) (136 BPM)







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I'm with fat Cuba Gooding Jr. on this one. 92% positive vote on Ekto? Well, I've never had a problem going against the grain so permit me to be the light amidst a sea of darkness. What do you get when you add 1 kick with a monotonous grumbling bass line sprinkled with random dark noises. Me moving past this snore fest faster than my son downs apple juice. It is billed as dark progressive, but I think it's closer to annoying as sh*t minimal. This isn't progressive trance. Know why?


It doesn't progress.


This is regressive trance. How are you going to make the same track 5 times and give it different names? Boring as it could be without a lick of storytelling atmosphere. And then as a final kick in the nuts, you get the last track which comes in at just a c*nt hair above 11 minutes of the same sh*t. Of course you should judge for yourself, but I found this as enjoyable as watching an unplugged television.





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