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S.E.T.H. - The First Four Letters of Reality EP


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Artist: S.E.T.H.

Title: The First Four Letters of Reality EP

Label: Fish 'n Trips Records

Date: April, 2012


1. Flight of the Igloo

2. Intimate Vibrations

3. My Bleeding Mortality

4. Harmonium



Label owner Luke Burns in his own words decided to freely give you music as a reminder to "stay calm, relax, and chill the f*ck out."


His words not mine.



Flight of the Igloo- Silly S.E.T.H...igloos can't fly. They're made by dark skinned leprechauns who haven't yet won equality at the Lucky Charms factory. Don't you know anything? This track is made of 3 parts. A slow analogue synth smear across the glass, followed by heavenly strings over the quicksand slow beat. Lastly it's a rapid (what are you doing here?) arpeggio. It all comes together for some quality mountaintop meditation.


Intimate Vibrations- Somehow I envision myself on a subway in Chicago at 3 AM getting it on with Rebecca De Mornay. But instead of her, I'm stuck with this prize.


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I'm sorry Bill. So sorry. For you not me.


This track has it all: Slow and straightforward beat, solid atmosphere and school children taking a break from fractions to sing vibrate. Glorious.


My Bleeding Mortality- I would love to bump this in my car. I would. Slow and steady it's as gangsta as electronic downtempo can get. But I live in the south. If the quirky electronics at the end don't get me the odd looks from the locals, the quasi muslim call to prayer would seal it. You realize I live in a state with a town named after hanging people that are different right? Beautiful work though...I'll keep it on the Samsung.


Harmonium- He fools you with the final track making you think he's gonna keep it slow with the dubby beat. 3 minutes in he drops the snare and the synths wobble & crunch like they're going downhill. Not bad.


Easily recommended for beautiful soundscapes. Will keep an eye on him and hope that he releases more stuff in the future.


Free at Ekto!



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