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Psilosiva - "Dance of the Shaman's" - Israel - 26.10.12

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On every place on earth people dance to a different rhythm.
But the essence of the dance is all the same.
The shamans have guided there tribes through rhythmic mantras
to a new consciousness.

The year of 2012 is a special time. It’s a year of insights, a year
of awaking all over the world.
This year we celebrate 5 years of creation in a very special event.
Like the shamans, we also know that dancing into "trance" can open
new wisdom and new channels within the soul.
This time we will dance the shamans dance. We're going to connect to the
Rhythm of the soul, and send our conscious free!

We welcome you all brothers and sisters from all the tribes around our mother earth to join with us this event and get the most psychedelic experience ass possible.

Our Shaman's Symphony:

Psychedelic Goa Trance:

Man With No Name (Martin Freeland) - Live Retro Set - Uk

Perfecto / Dragonfly Records.

Prana (Tsuyoshi Suzuki) - Retro Set - Japan

Matsuri Production 18 Years Celebration.

Elysium (Kristian Thinning Andersen) - Live Retro Set - Denmark

Nova Zembla / YoYo Records.

Sheyba / Kaaya / Kaliash (Kristian Thinning Andersen) - Retro Dj Set - Denmark

Dragonfly / Matsuri / Flying Rhino Records.

S.U.N. Project (Marco Menichelli) - Retro Dj Set - Germany

Spirit Zone Recordings.

NervaSystem (Mark Dressler) - Live Retro Set - Uk

Matsuri / Proccess / Psychic Deli / Phantasm.

Bell Size Park (Shlomy Kaufman) - Live - Israel

B.N.E / YoYo Records.

Qlipadelic Rythm (Alon Shitrit) - Live - Israel

Psilosiva Productions.

Dup / Chill Out / Ambient / Glitch / Funk:

Mystery School Ensemble (Mark Dressler) - Uk

Artifact Records.

Cut ' N ' Bass (Alon Carmali) - Israel

MantiSmash (Natan Lansky) - Israel


The event will take place in the Israeli out doors.

The event will be powered by function one sound system
Special hallucinogenic & colorful decoration by Alon deco
In the party u can find food stalls & bar
Artistic workshops, big and comfortable camping area
Jugglers, fire shows and many more surprises

*Find us at:

Official Websaite: http://www.psilosiva.com/
Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook...ilosiva/?ref=ts

TICKETS PRESALE (WorldWide): https://www.tixwise...._of_the_shamans

For more information (Tickets/Transportation&more...) : info@psilosiva.com
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook...7961439/?ref=ts

*For preview about the production follow this link: http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/

Psilosiva Productions.
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