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Ritmo - Declare Remixes EP


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Artist: Various

Title: Declare Remixes EP

Label: Plusquam Records

Date: May, 2011


1. Declare - Ritmo

2. Declare (Ovnimoon Remix)

3. Declare (Atomic Pulse Remix)

4. Declare (Elecdruids Remix)



It's good to be king


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Don't be bitter Ronald. Get some f*cking bacon on your sh*t and maybe your burgers will sell better.


The Ritmo project used to be the duo of Dubi Dagan and Eitan Morganstern until Dubi kicked him out for being too Jewish. I cannot verify that, but we have video of the final festival of the project as a duo.


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Oy vey, check out the yenta's in the front row...watch out for those panties!


Regardless of what the truth may be, Dubi is one of the rulers of the progressive trance genre. He's made like a million tracks and the vast majority of them have been stellar. His corner of the genre is the melodic and atmospheric stuff that goes down super smooth. Disharmonic Silence in 2008 and Archive 9 are both must haves as far as I'm concerned. So here he is with a remix EP. Everybody's doin' em, but 4 remixes of the same song? I think we can all see the potential danger here. Ovnimoon, Elecdruids (who?) and...


what the f*ck is Atomic Pulse doing here? Someone tell him that Fineplay is down the block.



Right off the bat the original is everything you think it would be. A beautiful atmospheric journey. Ovnimoon (another uber talented producer) creates an equally super track that on it's own would be great. Problem is it followed the original so it sounds a lot like the movie we just saw. I know Vanilla Ice said it goes ding ding ding da-da-ding ding, but we all know it's Under Pressure. To be fair, it sounds more ominous with a darker edge so I shall give him the benefit of the doubt.


I guess they thought there wasn't enough uninspired boring full on, so now we got that in there with the Atomic Pulse remix. After the first two great tracks this one had to be a letdown didn't it? Who didn't see it coming? I reviewed their last album hereif you want a chuckle, but makes you wonder who they blew to get on this EP.


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"Boom...boom. Get out."


And then the Elecdruids ZZZzzzzz.....


The danger of doing a remix EP of one track is that they will all sound the same. Points awarded for putting the original first, which makes it a helluva lot easier to compare tracks. But that didn't happen. The problem was half the tracks sucked. Atomic Pulse and whoever the last guys were just mailed it in. And Ritmo I don't know how it works choosing who gets to be on your EP, but I imagine that you have something to do with it. Some of the blame has to fall on your shoulders for letting that weak sh*t on something that bears your name.


All in all, the first two tracks are worthwhile and I declare the final two are...not.





Juno Download



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