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DJ BigZ @ Erosion Party

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This is a live recording done at Nataraja's release party to celebrate the release of both my first VA and the first EP of out of jetlag. Real DJ performance, no ableton live thingies !

I tried to select the best morning psychedelic tunes, to fit with the moment and avoid playing the tracks from the VA when the artist was present at the party

Track List :

1) Pixel & Tristan - High By Definition [HOMmega]

2) Ital, Logica, Cosmotech, Counterculture London [Neurobiotic]

3) Zen Mechanics & Future Frequency - Naked, Stoned & Exalted [sourcecode]

4) Space Vision & Xpiral - La Selva [Mosaico]

5) Mr. Peculiar - Synapse Trigger [Hadra]

6) Quantica - Surrealism [Flying Spores]

7) Mental Broadcast, Digoa - 48 Hours [Neurobiotic]

8) Moaiact - Regreso [Geomagnetic]

9) Profound - Welcome To Real Life [Wakyo]

10) The First Stone - Deep Space 1 [Vagalume]

11) Ital - Mistico [Nataraja]

12) Dickster, Logica - Logickster [Neurobiotic]

13) PTX - Sound of Goa [bionics]

14) Ital - Sun Vibe [Antu]

ॐ Greetings & Love ॐ


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