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PSYOLOGY002 - Zezia - 'Zezia EP'

to be released on 18/7/2012

Mastered by Artifakt


{psy.ology} records brings you the debut EP of South African psychedelic producer, Zezia. Signed to PsynOpticz Productions, Zezia is one of South Africa's most up & coming artists and he has been producing music for the last 7 years.


ZEZIA EP consists of 5 tracks full of driving melodies, indestructible basslines with insane wobbly electro-vibe grooves in-between moving percussion and high energy synths.


These tracks have been played to SA dance floors resulting in the perfect crowd reaction: “eyes close, hands stretch out to play with the beat, bodies bend over and feet pound the floor!” Add this to your collection you Furious Freaks and begin your Final Approach!



{Click here for previews}




1 - Furious Freaks


Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia


2 - The Commercial Hippies - Belly of The Beast (Zezia Remix)


Written & Produced by Gareth Tacon & Anton Raubenheimer

Remixed by Nicholas Zezia


3 - Final Approach


Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia


4 - Skywalker


Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia


5 - Hammer


Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia



{to buy}

Links to follow soon Posted Image















The study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli in both inner and outer interconnected space.




{psy.ology} records is the joint forces of Teknotribe (JHB) and PsynOpticz Productions (CT).


Bringing together organic and digital sounds to express the sounds of the label, artists and genre.


The releases will incorporate all styles of psychedelic dance music ranging from progressive, psy-tech, breaks, full-on and the harder twilight realms.


The label features fresh and upcoming artists combined with well-schooled maestros of the psychedelic world.





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