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Rules and Guidelines for Party Talk

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Penzoline    337

This section of the forum is for members to post a thread about an upcoming party for discussion. Straight up promoting is done in the Party Announcement section of the forum. You can also post there, asking the promoter for more details and such. The decision to have two separate forums is for the members to have an easier time finding and talking about parties others from the forum will be/were attending.


Remember, the tag section, when posting a new thread, must be filled with a Country and a City


For example: Belgium, Antwerp


A general rule that will be enforced from now on is DO NOT POST NON PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE CULTURE RELATED THINGS. And to make things clear, genre crossovers are considered a part of the psychedelic trance culture. Like Psybient, psychill, psy-prog etc.


For example of what not to post: Normal trance does not have anything to do with the genre. Same goes for most of other electronic genres. This forum is dedicated for the psychedelic trance culture, nothing else. Discussion about other electronic genres can be had on the dedicated sections of this forum but no advertising, promotion what-so-ever.


If we see this rule being ignored the thread will be removed and the author dealt with (ban/suspension depending on the situation), no questions asked. This is the first and last warning. Contact a staff member here if you are not sure.


If the music comes from an artist that has been a part of the psychedelic trance culture lenience may occur.

Same applies for long/short time members who know what they are doing, but not for labels, advertisers and promoters, ever.

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