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"V/A - Three Drops To Evolution EP"


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Artist: Various

Title: Three Drops To Evolution

Label: Triple Drop Productions

Date: July, 2011


01 - Zaigonen - The Connection (Intro)

02 - Soluble Sounds - Psillypsybinge (90 BPM)

03 - Brujo's Bowl - Everything's Special (80 BPM)

04 - Wolfen Technologies - Caveman (91 BPM)

05 - Brujo's Bowl - Najd's Squelch (80 BPM)


"To be paid, to do what you love...ain't that the dream?"


It sure is! Speaking of which...Mars, I know this might be a bad time and all, but you owe me $35,000 for all the reviews I put up here. Hello? Hello?



What the f*ck is that? Is that...is that a vagina? You sick pricks...


But seriously this is the virgin (pun intended) release of Triple Drop Productions (Go Wales!) and they treat us to 5 tracks of downtempo/Psydub/Drum n Bass music. The only act I am familiar with is Mr. Bowl, but I'm a sucker for some good dubby downtempo noise. The intro is short, but haunting and beautiful with a mournful Dickensian feel. It mixes sweet strings with bubbling percussion and sometimes harsh electronics.


Psillypsybinge makes great use of panning, surrounding me with percussion and bass on all sides. It's like walking down a dark corridor with flashing fluorescents. Quirky, glitchy, and upbeat with drum n bass motion. It's very metallic, sounding as if my toolbox opened and all the nails and screws fell out and tumbled down stainless steel stairs.


Everything's Special breaks out the rumbly bass and tribal drum set in a truly alien presentation. It's a dirty affair with some filthy low tones that creeps like a serial killer. Loved it.


Caveman didn't thrill me. It was brighter, but I felt the bass was too intrusive and dominated the track. Not for me.


Najd's Squelch went on way too long and for me just devolved into squirty noises and stutter step beats. Pass.


This music can be extremely descriptive, but I think the key is if music that is that light on melodies and intensely focused on the percussive side of things maintain it's hold on the listener. After a while, clanks and basses can get boring but these guys found a way to involve me. The bpm's are low, but most of the tracks have that high speed that make you think it's way faster than it is. Very enjoyable listen for sure.





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