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Fish 'n Trips Records Releases Spunje and begins new submissions for 2012

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Hi everyone :)


Fish 'n Trips records is an Australian based psytrance label looking for new submissions for upcoming releases. After some well received work from Spunje, Atomgrinder, Boom nasha, Funkadelicasy and friends we are excited to announce a new schedule of submissions being taken to support the already thriving fish fun.


You can find a little more info about us and the proposed releases here but we strongly encourage you to send us your best material now. Please use the form here....



Find us online here...




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Currently seeking music for

  • “Twisted Mysteries 2.0 and 2.5″ – Dark, Edgy, full on and twighlight with a little darkpsy 145 – 160 BPM (series)
  • “The Master Baiters” – Pumping and pounding Psygressive and progressive 134 – 140 BPM (new series)
  • Ep’s, albums and singles in Psytrance, Hi-tech and darkpsy
  • Some psybient and downtempo music
In Other news we have also just released Spunje's debut. This challenging crossover album has been getting some great support from Dj's as it bridges new gaps between ethnic downtempo, drum n bass and psychedelic trance all rolled into one nice and totally genuine package. Dont miss Spunje this season with his incredible sounds and delightful delivery. Visit our bandcamp page now and join the journey thousands of others are taking for the first time.



Posted Image

Thank you for your consideration, Good times :)


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